• London average property prices fall the most in the UK and Transport for London starts tracking all phones on its network

    July, 2019
    Unemployment in London decreased by 9,000 to 209,000 between March and May, a decrease of 0.2% to 4.3%. At 2.6% the South West of England had the lowest rate and at 5.6% the North East had the highest rate in the country. The UK unemployment rate stands at 3.8%. London average property prices were the worst performing in the UK and fell by 2.5% to £457,471 during the month which meant annually prices dropped by 4.4%. In comparison, UK prices increased by 0.1% to £229,431 during May which reduced the annual growth rate to 1.2%. In its review this month of the 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) - the private sector-led partnerships between businesses and local public sector bodies that support local economic growth - the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Commons found that from 2015-16 to date; £9.1bn of taxpayers’ money has been awarded to LEPs through three tranches of Growth Deals. London, with one LEP, has received £435m, the north of England, with 11 LEPs, has received most of the funding at £3.4bn (38%), and the East of England, with three LEPs, has received the least with £703m. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government considers the population...